My language teaching philosophy is based on the concept that every student is unique with individual learning styles, which highlights Gardener's Multiple Intelligence (MI) theory. Each individual's intelligence is multi-dimensional, which may include one or more of the learning styles: interpersonal, intrapersonal, spatial, kinesthetic, logical, musical, naturalist, and linguistic. Therefore, as a teacher, flexibility and adaptability to my lessons will be used to meet students' learning styles and needs. 

In addition to Gardener's MI theory, I am eclectic with my approach that I encourage students to explore language according to topics that interests them. This opens up an avenue for bringing in whole, authentic dialogue in the classroom. Students will have a choice as to what they want to learn, and be immersed in a student-centered environment. I, as a teacher, will be seen as a facilitator and active participant in the learning process rather than as an expert passing on knowledge (Richard & Rodgers, 2001).

In sum, I believe that education leads students to a global village: a place where they are to become independent, expressive, and critical thinkers, and also as productive members of society.


Richards, J. & Rodgers, T. (2001). Approaches and methods in language teaching. Cambridge, NY:  Cambridge University Press.

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