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Jaclyn Vincent obtained her master's degrees in Sign Language Teaching and Deaf Education from Gallaudet University and McDaniel College. She also received her bachelor of fine arts degree in Art Education and Studio Art from the College of New Rochelle. Her professional experience includes teaching high school English Language Arts at Texas School for the Deaf, middle school science at Kendall Demonstration Elementary School, fourth grade at California School for the Deaf (Riverside), and ASL at Crafton Hills College, McDaniel College, and Maryland School for the Deaf. 

All of Jaclyn's life, she has been drawn to beauty, whether it be spatial beauty through ASL, or visual beauty through mixed media artwork. She inherited a passion for art from both of her parents, and all her life she has created works for the eyes to enjoy. Her passion for language, along with the visual expression of her thoughts, have come together in a business founded with her partner, Stacey De Laune. This business is ASL Virtual Wand (AVW). AVW provides painting parties/workshops, ASL tutoring, and videography services. Please check the site out,, to learn more, and to utilize their awesome services!  

As the mother to a daughter who is deaf and a native ASL signer, Jaclyn has worked with the California Department of Education (CDE) as a writer for A Resource Guide for Parents of Infants and Toddlers who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing (short version). In August 2012 and 2014, California State Assembly Speakers John A. Pérez and Toni Atkins appointed her as a commisioner for Advisory Commission on Special Education (ACSE). This gives Jaclyn the opportunity to provide information and offer recommendations about Deaf education in California to the State Board of Education, the Superintendent of Public Instruction, the legislature, and the governor. In 2014, The Pearls, created by Sheena McFeely, was an event applauding extraordinary Deaf Women in their respective fields. Jaclyn was selected as a Pearl for the advocates category. To learn more about the Pearls, click here.  

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The Pearl Awards, 2014 

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